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Well it’s that time again….. time for my Flickr Favourites! I’m thinking every week I will post up my favourite images from Flickr cos there’s some pretty freakin talented people out there. ♥

Yeah first post for the year!

Something completely off topic but this is my new baby! Me and my Mum went to the Harvey Nichols store in Leeds for the Boxing Day Sale as it was 30% off everything….. I was feeling really rough!!! I woke up at 5am and we  set off about 6am to meet up with my Auntie and Uncle. Got to Leeds for about 7 am. Erm, then waited until 9am when it opened. I was feeling C R A P at this point, the hang over made the car journey very unpleasant.

It’s absolute madness people getting up at crazy hours just for the Boxing Day sales. I wanted to tag along just to see what all the fuss was about because my Auntie goes there whenever they have a sale. Let me tell you it was really surreal! My Auntie gave me a few tips before the doors opened, Prada and Mui Mui to the left. Gucci to the right. Pick what you see and DON’T put it down cos someone else will grab it.

When the doors opened everybody rushed in and started to push, shout, snatch bags, no queuing, loads of staff shouting at everyone to wait in an orderly line, security guards everywhere oh and not giving a shit about anybody else basically. There was a big queue to the Gucci section, what?! Anyway I picked up a Prada bag and my Mum bought two Gucci purses. Was an interesting morning, went straight back to bed though when I got home. Well I still don’t understand how people can function straight after Christmas Day ……. tis a mystery to me!!! Oh and I’m and still slightly traumatised by big crowds in any shopping vicinity and extreme early morning wake up from my Mum! xxx