So I had about 2 weeks off from work (awesome) so spent the first week doing stuff for the exhibition….. then I decided to go to Doncaster to see my folks.

Just before I hopped onto the train we stopped by Drink, Shop & Do at King’s Cross for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. I demolished my big slice of victoria sponge cake in no time (hence NO pictures.)

I shall be  heading back there again, it’s such a lovely place!


Well I had a right good old time at Pick Me Up graphic art exhibition at Somserset House a few weeks ago. I went along with a few illustrators which we organised on Twitter (it was like playing Guess Who.) I met up with Emma Block, Rachel Lewis, Rachel Clare Price and my uni friends (whole illustration crew) of course as follows June, EmilyEmma Vinesh, Chrissy and the lovely Fuad.  🙂 Hmm don’t think I missed anyone out.

Excuse the crappy photos, I was way too lazy to be getting out my SLR camera which was why I brought it along in the first place.

After walking around for a while we all headed over to Nando’s to grab some food so all in all it was a great day out!

I was looking forward to this day as soon I found out about it on Current TV, see here for the video. It’s about a guy debating whether he’s ready for a child. So naturally looking after a pug for a few days seems to make sense………

We went to Green Park yesterday afternoon to check out the pug meet up. I’m pretty sure there’s another one at Regent’s park however this meet up is every first Saturday of the month. Loads of people turned up and there were also plenty of random folks taking pictures (including myself.) It was a bit surreal seeing about 10 pugs running around! I got to chat to a few owners about owning a pug and I have to say I’m even more swayed by the idea!

For more information about the monthly meet ups check out the group here.

Aaaah, amazing.