Tropical Safari, Art & Illustration Exhibition Round up!

Hello! Hope you’re all good despite the rain! This past week has been slightly cray cray (love using that word at the moment). I was a little bit stressed out what with the exhibition and the house moving situation (which is officially happening!), so I’ve been meaning to… Read More

Etsy Shop Discount

  Been faffing around in Photoshop with the e-flyer and I’m happy with the clean and simple design. I’m going to keep Etsy related things here now and not on Blogger, so my shop Blogger page will no longer be updated! It’ll still exist in the Internet world… Read More

Covet Pop-Up Exhibition Review

Evening all! Hope your week has been filled with lovely things to see and do. I was meant to blog about ‘Covet’ as it was going, however, running a shop takes so much time and preparation that I never managed to do it! Side note about The Hackney… Read More