Hola Sunshine!

Hola sunshine! Isn’t this weather just simply beaut?? At last the sun is here again and I can finally start wearing dresses again and sandals (plus an excuse to eat ice cream of course!). I was ill for about four days as I either had the norovirus or gastro,… Read More

Africa Fashion Guide Book

Some rather exciting news folks. Jacqueline Shaw contacted me a few months ago about a rather exciting fashion illustration project. The project was to illustrate a few designers for a new fashion book called Africa Fashion Guide which she’s going to publish as part of her MA course. The… Read More

Screen shot of gia London's new website :)

The new Gia London website will be up and running, in the mean time watch this space!! I designed some web graphics as part of my placement and looking forward to seeing it finally on the website, it was definitely good experience and I’m planning to do more… Read More