New Illustrations: Self-Initiated Work

Hello all! I hope you’re all having a super weekend! Poor Mario has been pooing and vomiting for a few days, but it seems like he’s getting so fingers crossed that he recovers soon. I’m not sure why he’s been vomiting as normally it’s the odd hair ball here and there. This time though we think he’s eaten something rotten when he’s been out and now whenever he eats he throws it back up. Today he looks like his usual self although it’s hard to tell as 90% of the... Read The Rest →


  Well, I quit my full-time job and at the moment I’ve been utilising the time that I have to update my awful-looking CV and portfolio as well as making a few more illustrations here and there. I’ve also been dabbling around with a bit of type work as I’d like to experiment more with it. In between with finding private work and making more illustrations, I’m for now not panicking about money. Just yet. I think I should enjoy the time that I have in doing more things I never had... Read The Rest →

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