Cats Tag

I was meant to share this photo ages ago (a big whoops!). It seems like it’s going to be a traditional thing, as in, me making cat-related signs for Halloween. Why buy decorations when you can make it yourself?! In short, it was an absolute hit with the neighbours and it went down really well with the kids! Although the cats were pretty freaked out by the constant front door opening and closing 🙁

If you’re following me on Instagram you may have seen a few cat photos popping up on my Instagram feed. I’d just like to point out that they’re not our cats and they belong to my lovely cousin, Savina, who is currently travelling around Australia for about a year with her friends. She asked us ages ago if we were up for it and of course I jumped in and immediately said ‘yes’!

They’re proper funny cats, although sometimes cheeky as well especially when we’re cooking as they like to watch us and be super nosey!


Me and Mario

The last photo? I can’t even.