Hello there and I’m Jo Cheung. I’m a freelance illustrator and designer whose work ranges from a variety of mediums: magazine articles, web graphics, and greeting card designs. Originally from Doncaster, I moved to London to study illustration at The University of Westminster and has since resided in North London.

My work often depicts imaginary, dreamy and surreal landscapes as I’m interested in the complex and conflicting relationship between animals and humans. I incorporate a lot of hand drawn images, collages and paintings within my work and then it’s digitally altered on the computer. I use a lot of textures, shapes, patterns and colours. My inspiration comes from people and places I see and visit on a day to day basis, conversations, music, travelling to different places, nature, and my own imagination.

Most of my work is self-initiated and I sell my work on my Etsy shop as well as taking part in craft markets in London.

I work from my home studio, up in the attic, and my two cats (Mario and Toshka) keep me company.

Jo Cheung high res

Clients include: Amy Fitz Doyley, Melt Dance, Spindle Magazine, Ballad Of Magazine, Paper Circus, Africa Fashion, Vans, MacUser Magazine, Gia London and Amelia’s Magazine.

Exhibitions and Events


Solo show at Art at the Deli, Doncaster.

Group Show ‘Faces’ at Art at the Deli, Doncaster.

Volunteer with Future First at Doncaster College, Doncaster.


Blue House Yard Christmas Market at Blue House Yard, London.

Journey to Etsy Training Workshop for Doncaster Central Learning Centre, Doncaster.


Tropical Safari Art & Illustration Exhibition at A-Side B-Side Gallery, London. Curated by myself and Emily Bakes.


House of Tigers Exhibition at A-Side B-Side Gallery, London.

Covet Pop-Up Shop and Exhibition at The Hackney Shop, London.

The Story So Far at W3 Gallery in Acton, London.

Into the Sun at A-side B-side Gallery, London.


The Crafties in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

On These Magic Shores Exhibition at the O3 Gallery in Oxford.


Hellohead’s Live Portrait Event at Cargo, London.

The Picture Show at The Coningsby Gallery, London.

Cultivate at Vyner Street with The Meenan Sisters, London.

Showcase Cities at Rich Mix, London.


Flamingo Magazine: The Flamingo Arts Project Number 1.

Sorted, East Gallery in Brick Lane, London.

‘Can you see the Rainbow from There?’ Exhibition. Artwork donation for the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Noise Festival Secret Santa Sale. Anonymous Art postcard Fundraiser.


KiosKiosK – Hemingway Design and NOISE Festival, London.

Artkitchen ‘Eggs and Chicken Party’ London.

D&AD New Blood Exhibition, London.

P3 Final Year Degree Show, London.


Pikaland . Artupdate Learning Blog . Feature Me . Grafik Mag . Creaturemag . Tea and Crayons Collective . Art Hound . Notpaper


Doncopolitan, December Christmas Issue, December 2017

Yen Magazine, Issue 53, March 2012

Flamingo Magazine, The Great Outdoors Issue. 2011

The Great Big Book of Fashion Illustration, Martin Dawber, Batsford Ltd. 2011

S1 Magazine, 2011

Cut-Click Front Cover design. January Issue, 2011

Amelia’s Magazine Compendium of Fashion Illustration, 2010

Mail Me Art Exhibition, 2010

And I Still Miss You…., Issue 19 2010

PeculiarBliss Magazine, Issue 3 2010. Dreamscape

Blanket Magazine, The Landscape Issue 2010

Cut-Click Magazine, Issue 1 2010

3rd Floor Magazine, Issue 3 2010

Graphic Design School: Fourth Edition. A Foundation Course for Graphic Designers Working in Print, Moving Image and Digital Media, Thames & Hudson.

MacUser Magazine, February 2010 edition

Wallpaper 2010 Graduate Directory

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