October 2010

Hey, hey, hey….oh man it’s been a busy week as usual. I’ve been sorting out some paper work not much fun really! It’s things I’ve been ignoring for quite some time and can’t really avoid either…. If I was super rich I’d hire an accountant an a PA I’m sure all illustrators would like that, oh wait that’s called having an agent….BAH! I’ve had a good response with the cover issue of Blanket Magazine so once again thank you guys for the compliments it means a lot to me.

Been dipping in and out of Twitter this week, a bit like visiting my folks in Doncaster, mainly because I could spend all my time on it and not get on with anything. Anyway  illustrator Kayleigh Bluck blogged about my work for her Feature Friday which made me very very happy! You can read what she wrote about my work here. Thanks Kayleigh!

Haaaaapppy Tuesday everyone! I got so giddy when I got an email from Bec over at Blanket Magazine to let me know that the latest issue is out now……I’ve been featured as the cover artist plus interview to go along with it too. The theme was Landscape and I submitted an illustration a while back and I was so happy to hear from Bec that it’s going to be for the front cover. Double woop time!!

You can buy this issue plus previous issues over at the Blanket online shop.