Etsy Update: New Pocket Mirrors

Hello folks! How’s your week been? I’ve been eating quite a lot of chocolate eggs for breakfast (well, it has to be done, right?). I’m planning on going back to Doncaster for a couple of days and then for the rest of the Easter break I’ll probably be cracking on updating my website and doing more odd jobs around the house, which seems like a never ending cycle 🙁 In other rather exciting news, I’ve added lots of new pocket mirrors in my Etsy shop- yay! All new designs in... Read The Rest →

Sneeky Peek…

Hi there! The weather in London has been so lush hasn’t it?! I have been enjoying the weather as much as I can although I will be going to Hong Kong very soon! (I’m so excited!) Anyway I have been planning out what I need to do for the Kioskiosk stall in August, I thought I was only going to be doing it for 3 days. When I read the email properly this morning it’s for a week…so best get a move on with things. I’m going to be selling... Read The Rest →

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