Why It’s Ok To Take Risks

Less than two days until I go to Hong Kong and I already have mixed feelings: nervousness, fear, anxiety, happiness, and excitement. For the past few days I’ve been an emotional wreck, which I shouldn’t feel. I was feeling super pumped about going and now the reality of it has finally crept in, I’m starting question lots of things like am I doing the right thing? I’ve come to realise that fear and security holds us back from doing things. It may seem slightly insignificant to others but the two biggest steps I have taken so far was moving away from Sam and moving back to my parent’s house. Because Sam isn’t coming with me, I’m going on my own which is another scary thing. However, I believe that I’ll learn a lot about myself from this experience.

I think now’s the time to find my own feet in the world, make my own decisions, and to look after myself for a while (cooking for myself- argh!) Life is full of challenges; opportunities like this don’t often come by. I’m still a little bit sad that I’m not living in London but I know that this is only temporary and which is why I should embrace it. This is also the only time where I can be free and spontaneous, which is what I craved when I was working.

And have a fucking good time and stop worrying so much.


September 3, 2013


September 19, 2013

Hong Kong! So Far

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