September 2009

Copyright © Jo Cheung 2009

Copyright © Jo Cheung 2009

Since I’m unemployed (sigh) I’ve had the time to do my own work, fun work that is! I’ve been designing some bird related cards and need to do another 2…? Maybe more probably. You can purchase them hopefully very soon, even better come to the craft stalls I’ll be doing with some of my mates and they’ll be discounted too!!!

Can’t wait until Christmas actually….x

I’m going to have a brand new website, yup using good ‘ol WordPress 🙂 Since I’ll be using WordPress this blog will no longer be active but will remain here floating around or will move all these posts to my website…. anyway I can’t wait until it’s up and running.

It’s only because I really don’t like using Dreamweaver so I’ve decided to make some changes. It’ll be better when I’m uploading stuff which I do frequently anyway.