Louis Tag

Hello all,

As you have probably gathered, what with the radio silence, we now have a plus one in our household- say hello to Louis Kwan Lok born on Tuesday 26th July at 5:52am. I can’t believe two months have already passed (as I am writing this he is currently asleep!). You sort of have to take the opportunity to do things whilst he is sleeping!

Life for us has completely changed in many ways and we had quite a few unexpected turns (my waters broke early, my driving test was due on the day he was born, then stayed in hospital for an extra couple of days). There have been many sleepless nights, mixed emotions, loads of poonamis, washing, more washing and waiting for the poo explosions to come. However, as each day passes we are learning and growing as parents and as a family. As much as I have read about baby stuff online and doing the NCT course, nothing prepares you for parenthood once you’re in it! All the information and advice you read about having a newborn baby goes in and out one ear (for me anyway) as you find your own flow of doing things. Louis has brought immense joy and happiness into our lives; he is growing and changing so quickly as the weeks goes by. I’m enjoying each and every moment with him as it won’t be long until he’s all grown up and running away from us!

Looking back now I would say that my labour was a pretty smooth one, we obviously played the waiting game at the hospital and my birth plan went right out of the window, but I would like to thank the staff at Whittington Hospital who were absolutely amazing right from the start- they made sure we were looked after at all times, extremely professional, caring, friendly, kept us informed at all times and they made our whole birth experience enjoyable. I remember feeling extremely nervous and scared of the unknown, but the staff put me right at ease and I completely put my trust in them when it came to the choices we were making like pain relief for instance. I also had high hopes of using the birth centre but in hindsight the labour ward was absolutely fine.

He is now smiling, babbling, cooing, intense eye contact, loves looking at the mirror before getting annoyed by it, grabbing and pulling dangling objects… I have taken so many photos of him I think my phone storage will run out in no time!

I’ll end my post here, not sure when I’ll be writing again but you can follow me on Instagram for more baby photos!

Thanks for reading as always and take care.