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I decided to set up an English educational blog called ‘Ho Yan in Hong Kong’ in the hope that it might drive potential clients my way. I am going to try and do some private tutoring, if possible, as it’d give me more control over who I work with. Not too sure if I can hack 10-7pm every day plus one weekend… I don’t know. I feel like working for such a long peroid of time in the week it’s not much time to explore Hong Kong since I’m only going to be there for four months.



It’s getting closer to the 8th and I have mixed emotions: excitement, nervousness, giddiness. I feel really pumped for this and I know once I’m out there I’m going to have a proper good time! Not long to go!

Sorry for the lack of art-related posts. I’ve not been super motivated to do any yet apart from the odd sketches. I am also undecided whether to continue with illustration in the future as it’s been quiet for the past two years. I would like to continue to run my Etsy shop but apart from that I need to figure things out. Who knows, things might change when I come back from Hong Kong.