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It’s been in the pipelines for quite sometime now, but I’ve finally updated my website with some more new work as well as categorising my tags so that they’re more consistent. I spent a couple of nights working at it and I’m pretty happy with the overall content. I was intending on getting a new website template installed, however, that might have to take a back seat until I can get the funds to do it 🙁

I’ve been listening to Lung Dart over on NTS so why not give it a listen and check out my website while you’re at it.

Laters folks!


Christmas is literally round the corner, and with that in mind, I’ll be closing my shop over the Christmas period from 22nd December until 2nd January 2018. I need to put my feet up and take a well deserved break! So now is the time to make any last minute purchases!

I would like to say a massive thank you to all my customers who have supported me this year; by buying from me you are supporting a tiny, independent business who’s passion for producing beautiful artwork for all is a dream come true! I hope 2018 will be a year for happy times, good things to come, positive vibes and continuing to grow and learn from previous experiences.

Of course, an obligatory post of ‘2017 highlights’ will come, but until then here’s a photo of Mario looking uber handsome. Just because.



I say this every year but this year seems to have whizzed by so quickly I’m not even sure where to begin. Over the summer we bought our very first house and, if I’m being very honest here, it was bloody stressful (I almost got teary at some point in the process) but it was definitely worth it.  I have to say, putting up our first Christmas tree was pretty special and I made a Mario angel decoration for the top of the tree:

In terms of how the house is going (DIY wise) it’s been going pretty well. We said adios to the laminate flooring (within half a day to be correct) and we now have beautiful wooden floors that are in pretty good knick. The plan for the coming months is to get the floors sanded, varnished, and probably sitting on the floor celebrating with a couple of beers!

I started the post about the house and veered off on a tangent… Now going swiftly back to my original point; my Etsy shop will be closed on Wednesday 21st as I’m going to be away for a few days. I need to rest my head and at the same time fill my belly up with food and watch Christmas films. All orders will be posted on Thursday 22nd December and it’ll be open again on Tuesday 3rd January… 2017!

Bring on 2017!


Hello folks! Hope you’re all well. Apologies for the lack of updates lately as I’m still slowly sorting the house out- mostly decorating- what with less than a week and a bit to go before I go back to work. This post isn’t going to be illustration related as I still don’t have anywhere to do my work, or at least set up a work area. So far, I’ve spent most of the summer holidays indoors and being a busy bee painting/swearing away at spilt paint (and stepping on it).

So my parents are helping me out with the decoration side of things as there’s no way we’d be able to get this much done without their help. I didn’t want to do any painting/ DIY stuff during the weekends or after work, so it made sense to get as much done before the term starts again. We painted the living room a rather nice shade of white (who knew that there were loads of shades of white…) and complimented the skirting board and the picture rail with a brilliant gloss white.


Mario enjoying the sofa…


Ta da!

Ta da!

It makes such a difference even with a lick of paint. Now the room looks much bigger as before it looked really old and tiring (plus random DIY within areas of the room).

We’ve managed to finish the kitchen, which is now looking rather nice and fresh, painted all the ceilings; finished painting the loft and ceilings; now onto the dining room skirting boards. So… what’s next? Well, we’d like to strip the floor boards and get them nice and polished looking again as the laminate flooring is starting to come off, in terms of that wooden edge thing. Then, looking to upgrade the bathroom as it’s really dated and needs modernising.

My post ends here as I’m about to YouTube some more DIY skills! Bye for now and enjoy the sun while it lasts!

I decided to set up an English educational blog called ‘Ho Yan in Hong Kong’ in the hope that it might drive potential clients my way. I am going to try and do some private tutoring, if possible, as it’d give me more control over who I work with. Not too sure if I can hack 10-7pm every day plus one weekend… I don’t know. I feel like working for such a long peroid of time in the week it’s not much time to explore Hong Kong since I’m only going to be there for four months.



It’s getting closer to the 8th and I have mixed emotions: excitement, nervousness, giddiness. I feel really pumped for this and I know once I’m out there I’m going to have a proper good time! Not long to go!

Sorry for the lack of art-related posts. I’ve not been super motivated to do any yet apart from the odd sketches. I am also undecided whether to continue with illustration in the future as it’s been quiet for the past two years. I would like to continue to run my Etsy shop but apart from that I need to figure things out. Who knows, things might change when I come back from Hong Kong.