December 2016

I say this every year but this year seems to have whizzed by so quickly I’m not even sure where to begin. Over the summer we bought our very first house and, if I’m being very honest here, it was bloody stressful (I almost got teary at some point in the process) but it was definitely worth it.  I have to say, putting up our first Christmas tree was pretty special and I made a Mario angel decoration for the top of the tree:

In terms of how the house is going (DIY wise) it’s been going pretty well. We said adios to the laminate flooring (within half a day to be correct) and we now have beautiful wooden floors that are in pretty good knick. The plan for the coming months is to get the floors sanded, varnished, and probably sitting on the floor celebrating with a couple of beers!

I started the post about the house and veered off on a tangent… Now going swiftly back to my original point; my Etsy shop will be closed on Wednesday 21st as I’m going to be away for a few days. I need to rest my head and at the same time fill my belly up with food and watch Christmas films. All orders will be posted on Thursday 22nd December and it’ll be open again on Tuesday 3rd January… 2017!

Bring on 2017!


Hello all! I hope you’ve all been well and not been stressing out with Christmas… I have no excuse to be slacking with blog posts, but lately I’ve been caught up with things so updating my website hasn’t been much of a priority. Juggling daytime work and fitting in illustration/blogging sort of takes its time from my daily schedule… I guess I still need to get the knack of blogging and to start planning out blog posts in advance- all in good time though!

Lately, I’ve been pretty busy with private work: I recently designed a good friend of mine her wedding invites and RSVP cards; they look amazing as well and I’m so happy with the way that they’ve turned out too (photos coming soon in my portfolio section). My cousin asked me to do an art print for her friends as she went travelling with them almost a year ago (see below).



I like the way the artwork has turned out and it’s made me do something slightly different, but with my own style to it. My plan is to start drawing more real life objects, buildings and people- still focussing on animals too- but I feel like I need to expand my portfolio i.e. showing a range of  skills and techniques.

Think I’m going to stop here as I’m off to bed pretty soon.. yes, it’s an early start… 6:00am to be exact!