February 2011

A quick play around on my computer before I go to work. I’m taking part in an exhibition with some my my mates from uni this summer, more details to come at a later date when we’ve decided on the theme!!!

I’m either thinking of doing animal portraits like this or to continue with the landscape and dreams theme. I’m not too sure yet, it can go either way.

I was looking forward to this day as soon I found out about it on Current TV, see here for the video. It’s about a guy debating whether he’s ready for a child. So naturally looking after a pug for a few days seems to make sense………

We went to Green Park yesterday afternoon to check out the pug meet up. I’m pretty sure there’s another one at Regent’s park however this meet up is every first Saturday of the month. Loads of people turned up and there were also plenty of random folks taking pictures (including myself.) It was a bit surreal seeing about 10 pugs running around! I got to chat to a few owners about owning a pug and I have to say I’m even more swayed by the idea!

For more information about the monthly meet ups check out the group here.

Aaaah, amazing.