December 2012

I was part of THINK.ACT.VOTE The Feature We Choose Book, which is a book about collective quotes in relation to sustainability, political thoughts, creativity and culture.

Here’s my statement about the illustration:

“Whatever social background you come from, ethnic minority, religious background and so on you should be treated equally with respect. I decided to illustrate people from all different backgrounds to show that we can all live peacefully. I wanted it to be simple and to the point.
As individuals if we are to live in a harmonious society we have to start working together in order to bring people together. It’s our moral duty to do this. “

I don’t even know where to start with this post…. This year has been pretty crazy! It’s gone so fast and, I know I say this every year, but my goodness it’s rather scary. I have seen friends get engaged, have children, moved away, gone traveling…. this year has been full on to say the least.

The biggest and happiest event was being engaged to Sam- yay! It was really surreal for the first few days and I remember feeling slightly dazed. Now we need to start planning our wedding…

I started working full time back at my previous company for a while and I really enjoyed it (pretty sure most people won’t say this!) However, I finally got onto a CELTA course and I finished work because I couldn’t keep up with the work load. However, it was the best option as I’m now looking for work in Hong Kong, which is another exciting and amazing news. I’ve been planning to go for ages and I feel like it’s finally happening.

Oh, and how could I forget my massive tattoo on my arm at Nine Tails??! It was something in the pipelines for many years and I decided to take the plunge and just go for it. I like doing things at the spur of the moment- as you can tell.

I started taking up my driving lessons- again. I kept on stopping and starting in the past but I’m 25 now and I should know how to drive by now. For some people driving isn’t so important but for me, Doncaster isn’t exactly transport friendly and most of my friends drive (in Doncaster that is). Its just been something that’s been dragging on for ages and I don’t mind driving as well!

The illustration side of things have been quiet but I guess that’s because I was working full-time for a year. But, I was part of the Picture Show with some very good friends. It went okay, I’m not going to go in too much detail, but it was definitely a worthwhile experience.

I did a few things here and there this year. I was part of the Meenan Sisters Feminist Show at a gallery down in Vyner Street in Bethnal Green and I made some new work for my Etsy Shop.

Next year apart from going to Hong Kong, I am planning on doing a PGCE as an illustration lecturer in the FE sector. I’ve always wanted to go down the teaching route and it seems to make sense to be a lecturer. I’m planning on doing illustration maybe part-time but my plan is to find the right course somewhere in the UK and take a year out and study, study, study.

Thanks for supporting me and I can’t say it enough. Happy New Year and let’s hope 2013 will be a good one! x