October 2013

I can’t believe I’ve been in Hong Kong for a month now! So far it’s been an interesting couple of weeks. Not too sure how I’ve managed to survive on my own but work seems to be coming through slowly but surely. I’ve had my ups and downs and getting over the homesickness has made things a lot easier. Obviously I still miss Sam and everyone back at home (that won’t ever change) but I feel a lot more positive about everything.

I’ve been offered to do a full day every Saturday starting from the 2nd of November and with private work I think I can live pretty comfortably until January. I’ll be doing 9 hours every Saturday but from my point of view I only have to work one full day plus four hours during the week… so… I still have time to do more sight seeing stuff and illustration work. Yay!

My plan is to go to China for a few days but I’ll see how it goes in terms of money…


Late night doodling.


I’ve met a couple of people who’ve been living in Hong Kong for a number of years. It’s been interesting to hear from their side as it’s made me look at Hong Kong in a different light. Personally, I think Hong Kong is a great place for teaching and other opportunities. However, a few months in Hong Kong is enough for me as I’m still associating it with ‘holiday’, which isn’t good as I keep on spending money on random crap!


Yesterday was a crap day. Somehow I feel as though I’m going round in circles again. So I spent most of today applying for jobs…fun … Needed a break so I spent the afternoon at Chi Lin Nunnery in Diamond Hill.

In between some main roads and high rise flats, Chi Lin Nunnery sits right in the middle of it. It’s less than 10 minutes walk from Diamond Hill Station (on the East Rail) and really easy to find- yay for me!





I felt a lot more relaxed soon as I got there- took loads of photos like a tourist of course! The garden is amazing; there are numerous pavilions dotted around so you can walk, chill, walk, take photos and take more photos.  It’s a nice place to escape from daily life (for me anyway) and spend an afternoon being outdoors.

The good news is that I’m going to see a language centre on Monday- yay! Fingers crossed everything goes okay. I figured I’ve only got a few months left so I might as well enjoy the time I have in Hong Kong and take everyday slowly.

Today I was around Sheung Wan so I decided to pop into Above Second on Eastern Street. I got a bit lost but I had a really nice walk down Queens Road West and I found loads of random shops on my way to the gallery.

Above Second


Above Second

Above Second

If you’re around the area I recommend checking it out. There seems to be a cluster of cafes and continental restaurants dotted around the area, as in getting ‘trendier’ when I spoke to someone about it. Must be a good sign though, right?

I’m not really sure where to even begin as so many things have happened  since the last post. For a start, things have slowly picked up in terms of work. I’m now tutoring for four children! I’m feeling a lot more positive; it’s definitely had a mental and emotional impact on me as I feel a lot more relaxed, happier and no longer homesick. If I can find a few more clients I should be able to live off tutoring work quite easily, maybe even do some illustration work if I have the time.
My plan has always been to see what SEN services and schools are like in Hong Kong so next week I’m going to The Harbour School to have a chat with the head teacher. So far it’s been a real eye-opener as I’ve met families and professionals who have given me some advice and contacts in Hong Kong. I hope that all of this, even though it’s for a short period of time, I’ll be able to learn from the professionals and inform me about my own thoughts and beliefs with SEN. Now I’m really eager just to meet as many people as I can but also be exposed to other forms of therapy other than ABA, which I was doing for about three and a half years. Because I want to be a speech therapist, now’s the time to be involved with as many workshops/ therapies out there so I have first hand experience of working with a variety of children/ young people with additional and complex needs.

Yesterday I met up with illustrator Joanne Wong– from the UK who now resides in Hong Kong- for an arty day. We started off in Chai Wan, which is on the east side of Hong Kong. There are loads of industrial warehouses converted into creative spaces, cafes and galleries- see Monocle for more information about the history of the area. However, it turned out that most of the galleries were closed on Mondays! Ai ya! We eventually found Platform China which was open so we had a look around; I was really impressed with the space and the view of the docks. I really like the concept of the industrial spaces but you have to know where  and when to go otherwise you’ll just end up spending most of your time going up and down floors looking for galleries/ studios! Also, most galleries close on Mondays so I’ll bear that in mind.

Joanne took me to Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre in Shep Kip Mei. JCCAC is a vibrant art community/ centre with an open gallery space with artist studios. It reminded me of Stour Space I went to see with Sam a few months ago, but JCCA feels a lot more homely and welcoming. We went to see ceramists Sandy Leung’s really cute studio space. How would I describe her… she’s very outgoing and funny! Slightly eccentric but her personality reflects her work. I hope to meet her again one day as she’s left a lasting impression on me! Photos to follow once my internet is better.

I’m really glad Joanne took me there as it opened my mind about art; it was good to see Hong Kong artists working in the community and actively engaging locals. I want to meet more artists… Actually I just want to meet new people!!

The only thing I constantly complain about is the weather because it’s way to hot and I always feel mega gross by the end of the day. I don’t mean to sound all whiney but I miss wrapping up warm in autumn and wearing my big duffel coat. I still don’t understand why shops sell jumpers and big coats here. IT’S TOO HOT GUYS. That is all.


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