Getaway to Berlin

Sam and I spent six days in Berlin and I was looking forward to getting away from London for a bit! I’m a learning support assistant at a school in Waterloo, which means I get school holidays, which is pretty sweet. I currently have two weeks off so we decided to go away for a couple of days.

We stayed at our friend’s flat, Till, in Kreuzberg and spent the next couple of days exploring Berlin, plus drinking loads of coffee and checking out bars and pubs (of course). Till and his girlfriend gave us an extensive list of where to go to eat, shop and drink- the list was pretty spot on too!

I found Berlin to be an incredibly exciting city to be in. Compared to London, it’s so much more laid back and everyone seems to be so chilled out. I find London incredibly exhausting at times, whereas in Berlin I didn’t feel that at all. The streets felt quite empty as well, but perhaps that’s because the roads and pavements are so much more wider. Either way, most of the time we were on foot, depending on where we were going, and I really enjoyed just walking around and taking everything in.

I had an amazing time in Berlin and would love to go back again!


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