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It’s been a rather busy and hectic couple of weeks what with moving and all of that. But I’m super happy with our new flat as we’re now living in Mornington Crescent; a stone’s throw away from Camden Town and a 20 minutes walk to Tottenham Court Road. I’m very eager to buy some plants to spruce up our flat.

Mornington Crescent

I’m also very, very happy with my unicorn screen print by Lesley Barnes. I bought it at Pick Me Up 2014; a visual and graphic design arts festival at Somerset House. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos (even though I went there twice!)  so no write up for this year’s Pick Me Up.


Finally, I’m also a proud owner of this little gem thrifted near Chatsworth Road…

Dog Print

Picture 2

Morning all! Yesterday I was a proper busy beee… Woke up early to get to London Bridge for the Kioskiosk Stall and I was sharing it with Andrew Colling who makes screen printed t-shirts (I like his pug ones!) The day started a bit slow with tourists and families looking a bit lost and we’re directing them to the Design Museum during most of the day….erm do we look we’re form the tourist information??? We made a big sign to actually direct people to come and have a look inside, the only down side is that there was no signage to inform people what was going on. However I can’t complain been sitting out in the sun for 6 hours and making stuff at the same time, chatting to people and having lunch outside. AAhhh.

I sold quite a few things 🙂 I will upload photos next week, in the mean time I’m going to carry on making new bags! If you’re around come and see me there’ll be lots of discounts so don’t miss out!  now i’m very inspired to do more art and craft markets…sooner the better while the weather is nice.

And next….Pikaland Giveaway is now here! Go to the blog and leave a comment and the winner will be announced on the 25th August. Do it do it!

Finally,  we went to see Grizzly Bear last night at the KoKo. They are so good…! Now I want to see them again…. Free tickets again Sam. hehex