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Well I had a right good old time at Pick Me Up graphic art exhibition at Somserset House a few weeks ago. I went along with a few illustrators which we organised on Twitter (it was like playing Guess Who.) I met up with Emma Block, Rachel Lewis, Rachel Clare Price and my uni friends (whole illustration crew) of course as follows June, EmilyEmma Vinesh, Chrissy and the lovely Fuad.  🙂 Hmm don’t think I missed anyone out.

Excuse the crappy photos, I was way too lazy to be getting out my SLR camera which was why I brought it along in the first place.

After walking around for a while we all headed over to Nando’s to grab some food so all in all it was a great day out!

Through the power of Twitter I met up with Thereza Rowe, Simon Wild, June Chanpoomidole, Emma Cowley, Kate Slater and Amelia Gregory for a day trip to Somerset House to see Pick Me Up. The day started off with meeting and greeting with Simon, Kate and Amelia which was really good to finally see them in real life! Of course we didn’t know what they look like so it was quite fun for the first 20 minutes to pick and point a random person! Us guys meaning Thereza, Emma and June were all on the same course (Thereza joined our class during the last semester/module.)

Amelia’s Magazine: Screenshot of the article about Pick Me Up with a picture of us posing. Nice.

It was well worth the money, for £5 you can’t go wrong with that. Here’s some photos from the show and if you’d like to see more go to my Flickr page. And I apologise for the quality, my crappy iphone doesn’t do any justice for the beautiful artwork! It also kept on turning it self off. Useless piece of crap………..

Peepshow Collective: Luke Best Love, love, love his work.

Some examples of zines from the Nobrow stand. I really should have taken more photos of their magazines and cushions, they had a really nice display too. I also had a good sniff at the magazines, you know THAT smell of new, freshly printed magazines. Ha. And just right next to the Nobrow stand was Le Gun, a rather funny piece. They had a big arse on the wall and when you stick your head in between the crack it revealed a magical and fantasy world. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos to illustrate this bum point.

Rob Ryan. We all got super giddy when we saw the temporary work space! All four walls were covered in bits of samples, cards, prints, doodles and drawings, inspirational images and oh my goodness I hope my studio will look like this one day! It was fascinating to see how he works as there were examples of drawn out images on paper ready to be cut to show you the step by step process.

Print Club London. This room was covered in prints and more prints and there was also someone screen printing at the back, it was quite over whelming but in a good way!  For me it was great to see the way in which people work and to see how visual language can be expressed and explored through the various mediums 🙂