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I am very Sad is a new illustration all about having bad days basically! Because I don’t have a ‘full-time’ job yet, I’m currently working on some new illustrations so I can build up on my portfolio. The first few days were pretty weird as it was odd not having to get up at 6:30am for work and constantly travelling as well. However, I’m currently in the process of being signed up with a teaching agency so that means regular work on a temporary basis- I just wish they would hurry their asses up….!

I’ve been pretty inspired to get on with illustration work having read Kate Moross’ FAQ blog (which you should do if you have the time.) I have always questioned whether my work was ‘commercial’ or not but having looked at Kate Moross’ website (yes, I like to compare myself with other illustrators/ artists but there’s nothing wrong in that…) I think I need to do more self- initiated projects around window displays, product design, logos, poster designers, web graphics, graphics for music videos, labels etc. I can see myself doing a variety of interesting projects but probably not news articles, book illustrations or anything like that! I think I’m up to the point now where I’m ready to take on more commercial projects and to work with more clients.

My main aim now is to put together an illustration pack so I can send it off to agencies. I feel that I’d rather have that extra security if I was with an agency and, I have to say, I honestly don’t mind what cut they take out of my pay or the fee even. I have to say, it’s been pretty tough these last few years but I need to focus my work more on the areas I’m interested in working in.

I was thinking of changing my website again as this current one doesn’t really reflect the way I work. Oh man, I have a lot to do!

I’ve been obsessed with patterns lately; I think the weather has gone to my head. It’s been nice just doodling in front of the telly watching mindless series of Eastenders and Made in Chelsea.

Anyway, You’ll be glad to know that I’ll be finishing my CELTA course next week- woohooo! (No more whining and moaning!) I’ll be looking for teaching jobs in Hong Kong over the Christmas period, which is rather exciting and freaking scary.

Stick around for more updates folks!