December 2009

My plan for this year are as follows (and in no order):

-To advertise and get my online shop up and running, like properly.

……..Get my Etsy shop advertised too!!!!

– Make more products over the year

-Get going with screen printing somehow. oh I miss it.

– To get involved with more open briefs.

– Do more artwork. Draw loads more birds, cats and pretty much everything.

– Buy an iPhone (damn I need one.) To add to this also a new A3 scanner and printer.

-Collaborations and networking etc, I’m thinking of books and exhibitions, pop up shops, zines…… so exiciting!

– Craft stalls

– Go on holiday, I deserve a break.

– Make notebooks.

– Do up my website. Again.

– Keep blogging.

– Work experience.

-Erm be self-employed (mahahha.)

– Learn how to knit.

-Learn how to drive (probably not going to happen but lets add it to the list.)

– Move into a nicer flat.

-Burberry handbag. Need one for my relatively small handbag collection also I’m a complete sucker for expensive bags 🙂 , i’ve had my eye on one particular design for a while. Well it’s only about a £1000 as well………………

I think the last point is the most important one. What will I do without my Burberry bag!!!!!!??????

Joe and RATM

I D O N ‘T R E A L L Y C A R E

I’m getting really tired with the whole X Factor-Joe-from-South Shields and RATM media game. Anybody else? Yes I admit though I did  watch the auditions cos it was entertaining and the not to mention the weeks of torment from those freaky twins. Oh and the crazy laser beam stage with that really weird apocalyptic music.

Also don’t really care about the Facebook group going around atm etc. so please don’t invite me cos I don’t want to know!! Either way the poor boy isn’t going to last for more than 6 months before Simon Cowell finds another person to replace him… Given that both are signed up with Sony it’s a one big media joke. A bit sad isn’t it?

Rant. Over.