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I was working late last night finishing off my cover for BOOOOOOOM! which can be seen here along with other participants. They’ve got loads of random projects going on so it’s worth checking it out 🙂

As for the image it reminds me of Guy Debord’s book called Society of the Spectacle (should read it.) Look very closely on the bottom corner it says ‘Super Duper Pills.’ Also I added random things like cat head lady and chinese cut out man, I was trying to make it really trippy….


We have spent the morning taking things down from P3, ripping out MDF walls and chucking out old bits of crap from the floor and moving those horrible white desks. It went down pretty quickly and it was weird to see the big concrete basement empty (you know what I mean if you have already been there.) Hmmm, I am sad about it finishing….it went by super fast 🙁

Onwards with the D&AD now!! (Don’t know what I’m talkin’ bout?! See here...)

I have just finished my image for Amelia’s Magazine Shelter Quilt Card project and now I will be getting on with the sustainabilty project too! I feel like I need to do things non-uni related.

Anyway about that mysterious Advocate Art business card, I plucked up the courage to e-mail them about it, said thanks and all for coming. I got an e-mail from them saying thy’d love to see my work and the possibility of representing me!!! I was in AWE!!!!!!…..and screaming and jumping around. So I will update the news when I see them.