July 2011

A few weeks ago illustrator Erica Williams contacted me via Etsy asking me if I wanted to do a collaborative project with her. I jumped in and said yes and after lot’s of tennis emailing and getting the project up and running we’re pleased to announce Little Constructs, a quarter monthly zine dedicated to brand new art and upcoming creatives from around the world.

So far we’ve had an amazing number of people asking to be part of it. It just goes to show the power of Twitter as a tool for communication and bringing people together.

I won’t repeat myself about submissions for the first issue as all the information is on Little Constructs blog. Do make sure to follow us on Twitter @LittleConstruct and to use the hash tag #LittleConstructs.

We Draw Dogs


I’ve got like a million and one things going on at the same time. However I’m please to announce a new illustration project all about dogs, hell yes. We Draw Dogs is an online illustration project open to anyone and everyone who appreciates the four legged critters. Especially me haha Details about submissions and other details can be found on the blog.

If all goes well I’d love to have an illustration doggy party!

Looking forward to submissions and what not!

Mister Bird


Hello there, apologies for the lack of posts! I’ve been slightly busy finding a job going to interviews and what not. Also I’m off to Boston next Monday so I have stuff to sort out before I go. Man I need a holiday…..

Anyway this birdy fellow here was my submission for Doncaster Central Learning Centre’s Digital Friend design competition. The brief was to design a character which can be used for the website.  I thought having a sparrow with one of those fancy graduation hats was a good idea…. but I didn’t win. Never mind the winner was a 7 year old and the winning design was a donut with legs and it was actually pretty cute. Although I got to the finals I was awarded a certificate which I had no idea about!

More updates coming soon, have a good week folks!


My certificate