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Hello there, apologies for the lack of posts! I’ve been slightly busy finding a job going to interviews and what not. Also I’m off to Boston next Monday so I have stuff to sort out before I go. Man I need a holiday…..

Anyway this birdy fellow here was my submission for Doncaster Central Learning Centre’s Digital Friend design competition. The brief was to design a character which can be used for the website.  I thought having a sparrow with one of those fancy graduation hats was a good idea…. but I didn’t win. Never mind the winner was a 7 year old and the winning design was a donut with legs and it was actually pretty cute. Although I got to the finals I was awarded a certificate which I had no idea about!

More updates coming soon, have a good week folks!


My certificate





I’ve not been updating much as I should be partly because I’ve been a bit busy with work and doing some illustrations for other people. Also I don’t really want to be spamming you guys with everything like what i’ve been eating, watching etc. I feel I’d just like to keep my updates precise and to the point without having to send out loads of pointless posts. Please don’t even get me started about spam mail on Facebook…..

Back to talking about what u’ve been up to……..Oh yes I still have, what you call, a normal job in order to support my work! Naturally working part time seemed a good idea but when you’re living in London, well, let’s say it’s not exactly like being back in Doncaster. I’m paying a bloody fortune on transport and yet TFL are still rubbish at being on time and what not!! Plus they keep on putting up the prices, cheers for that.

Anyway, back to my point and enough of ranting about transport in London (I can see that being another mini post/ illustration….) This is my illustration for Cheap Zine’s brief which is all about Art Nouveau, they’re going to publish a book in the near future. Fingers crossed it’ll get through!

In other news I donated a piece of work to inkygoodness for auction to support their cause Art For Haiti. It’s such a good way to be part of a an extremely important cause. You can see more auctions via their ebay site so go go go here dudes!

Well that’s enough for now, have a good weekend!! 🙂