Hello folks! How has September treated you? I recently completed some design work for DCLC   and I’m really happy with the way they turned out. Lai asked me to design a roller banner for them to use for an exhibition coming up in October, plus two prints which will also be part of it. The theme for it was belonging and family in relation to care givers; what and how to you see yourself as a carer and how do you effect others around you? I’m sure it is definitely something that we can all relate to in one way or another.

Lai wanted my work to be integral to the design, so I worked with her to create artwork that was related to the theme as well as subtly tying my work into it. Overall, I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out and I can’t to see some photos of them in situ!

Update: here’s some photos of the opening taken by DCLC.

If you would like some design work please get in touch with me about your project and I’ll get back to you very shortly. Thanks!


Hello dear readers! Are you watching Eurovision right now? I’m just catching bits of it on Twitter so I feel like I know what’s going on, well sort of. I mean, does anyone actually knows what’s happening on Eurovision? No? Okay, I’m not alone then.


I just wanted to bring your attention to a crowdfunding project hosted by Doncaster Central for Learning (DCLC) . I’ve touched upon DCLC numerous times in the past as I’ve helped them out with a couple of things and we’re currently collaborating on a project which is aimed at helping volunteers/potentially other folks across the Doncaster area in creating and managing an online shop. I can’t say much else as it’s still under wraps but it’s pretty exciting and I’m really happy to be part of a project whereby the locals will learning skills which they’ll put into practice.

So what’s the crowdfunding project all about then? For starters, DCLC is looking for funding so that they can roll out six new workshops and get some brand new I.T. equipment into their current building- that’s phase one of their plan. The next stage/phase they’ll be looking to remodel the existing building so that it caters for the volunteers for co-working workspaces and that they can hold workshops as well. DCLC really do so much for Doncaster and the wider area; a small pledge small or large will do wonders for them and for those who use their services. There are many different reasons why service users/volunteers go to DCLC. A place like DCLC offers refuge for those who come whilst others are looking to be empowered and learn new skills.

A quick summary of the crowdfunding project:

To engage with the community and to invite and welcome those who have worked with DCLC in the past, as well as current users, potential partners, collaborators, individuals and businesses in the community to participate. To explore the mutual interest in scoping, adapting and using the new work space for greater community benefits and to create a long lasting legacy to the community. At the launch, DCLC will present its vision and ideas of what’s on offer and welcome all expressions of interest. This is an opportunity for others to join in the journey with DCLC. We aim to follow this up with collaborative workshops, and any suggestions and contributions from all those interested will help form the bigger plan. The aims for the project launch and workshops are: • To build on relationships between groups, co-workers, co-producers and individual entrepreneurs to work together for greater social impact. • To ensure that the outcome from the event and workshops reflect DCLC’s vision.


Want to learn more about their crowdfunding project? Head over to the page here for more information about the different types of pledges. Please make sure to share the page with others and spread the word about it! Fingers crossed they smash their target!


For more information about DCLC:

Facebook Fan Page



Wishing you all a lovely start to the week and hello sunshine- oh yes!



Mister Bird


Hello there, apologies for the lack of posts! I’ve been slightly busy finding a job going to interviews and what not. Also I’m off to Boston next Monday so I have stuff to sort out before I go. Man I need a holiday…..

Anyway this birdy fellow here was my submission for Doncaster Central Learning Centre’s Digital Friend design competition. The brief was to design a character which can be used for the website.  I thought having a sparrow with one of those fancy graduation hats was a good idea…. but I didn’t win. Never mind the winner was a 7 year old and the winning design was a donut with legs and it was actually pretty cute. Although I got to the finals I was awarded a certificate which I had no idea about!

More updates coming soon, have a good week folks!


My certificate