December 2015



I’ve spent the last couple of days piling on the food in Newcastle and at home and currently recovering from it all! We took the cats up to Newcastle as no one in London was available to look after them. Nether less, after a good couple of days hiding in one room they’re certainly, shall we say, a lot more bolder than before! They’ve settled into Sam’s mum’s house for the time being, but will be heading back to London over the New Year. now they’re lounging around in the living room (as you can see from the photos, Mario, posing for a photo!).

I shall be back in full swing of things what with my new job and illustration work- all new and exciting happenings, which is a positive start to the New Year.

I’d just like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May the New Year bring you good health, happiness and exciting things!

For a while I’ve been thinking about deactivating my personal Facebook account for specific reasons, well, mostly because I often waste so much time scrolling down the screen and looking at people sharing quinoa recipes or endless selfies. Ok, I know what you look like! Yes, quinoa is nice but no thanks I don’t want to see 20 recipes about it. What’s with the self-motivational posts?! I can’t stand them either. There are more things I hate seeing on Facebook, but I won’t go on as I’ll sound like one massive moaner.

I think the final call for me was seeing people’s comments about disasters ; when you think you know the person well and then they make or share a post that’s, quite frankly, offensive I sort of want nothing to do with them. I’m tired of people writing or sharing a status in reference to terrible and horrendous disasters and then to go on to  be quite offensive, but wait, in order to redeem themselves they something at the end like, ‘But I’m not a racist.’ Yeah. Go eff yourself. If you thought you had the intelligence to voice an opinion about something… well, please get your facts right before making ignoramus statements and perhaps spend sometime discovering new information before spouting one.

I remember when my friend told me she didn’t have a Facebook account my reaction to (albeit very dramatic) was like, ‘Whaaaaat. The.’ Now looking back I wish wasn’t a complete dick about it; I think because it’s the norm to have it and if you don’t you sound like a social ludite.

So it’s an au revoir to Facebook while I do other things with my time. So no dawdling around and procrastinating. Go and make time for other things.


I’m super happy to announce that I’m now stocking my prints and cards at Hackney Pirates in Dalston! Please visit them as the charity does an amazing job supporting children and young people with their learning, plus the interior of the shop is brilliant! (Hint: it’s pirate related…)

You can find them on good old Facebook:
Twitter: @ShipOAdventures

The address is: 138 Kingsland High Street, E8 2NS