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Lately I’ve been really into design patterns that are pretty much 80s/90s inspired: throw in a bit of bad hair, weird fashion, Fanta, days hanging out in the sun with your friends… those kind of vibes.

I recently met up with my friend Amber, a print designer, who I’ve known for years. I was really inspired by her motivation and her reasons for quitting an amazing job she had at a fashion house.

I thought I would end the post on a positive note, having recently been quite down with things. Nothing is impossible. Sometimes you’ve just got to push through the hard times to succeed.

January 25, 2015

Bloomsbury Publishing’s Illustrating Picture Book’s Workshop

February 28, 2015

Into the Unknown

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Hello! I'm a freelance illustrator and artist based in London. I'm available for commissions, craft exhibitions and other fun events.

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