Swap links anyone?

I would love to swap site/blog/shop links (buttons too!) So get in contact with me and we can sort something out. 🙂 Or leave a comment below with your….

▲Name, website address, (name of your shop/blog name.)

▼Email me a high res RGB version of your button so that I can put it up on my blog and I will email you all my details too.

Happy swapping everyone, looking forward to hearing from you! (Pass the message to others as well hehe.)

August 1, 2009

☂☁☀ SHOP IS CLOSED- more info….. ☂☁☀

August 3, 2009

Jars of Cute


  • Great work! please do follow my blog and we can be site buddies 🙂 Your work would be lovely on bags, badges etc do make stuff too! thanks for your email

    August 3, 2009
  • Hello lovely,

    I already have you as a link from my website and will add your link to my blog too, send me a little button too, and when i get a minute i will make one and send to you! muchos love xxx

    August 3, 2009

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