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I would love to swap site/blog/shop links (buttons too!) So get in contact with me and we can sort something out. 🙂 Or leave a comment below with your….

▲Name, website address, (name of your shop/blog name.)

▼Email me a high res RGB version of your button so that I can put it up on my blog and I will email you all my details too.

Happy swapping everyone, looking forward to hearing from you! (Pass the message to others as well hehe.)

As you may know I have been pretty slow on adding all my other mates’ blogs, they’re all with Blogger and I’m the odd one out on WordPress…..! Please follow the links below as they are all talented illustrators and it’s worth looking at all their hard work!

Finally, unfortunately I didn’t get accepted for the Cockpits Arts funding for businesses and studio spaces. I got the phone call yesterday and I was well peed off. Oh well need to look into other ways of funding and such. Damn.

Illustration News |

I submitted my work for SUPERSWEET at Illustration Mundo which can be viewed here, although I can’t seem to find it at the news section… Anyway, I am off home for a few days to relax a bit. I mean I’ll be busy finishing off projects etc. etc. And I’m also job hunting too which isn’t going that well as I keep on getting distracted. Have a nice weekend everyone and enjoy the sun while it lasts!!!

things that make you go aahh.

Wasting my Saturday afternoon looking at cute animals, ah. I found this through WE HEART IT.COM. I’m going to buy a cat or a dog some point in time, small/medium sized, very furry, I can dress it up and give it a hat …

I have lots of work to do at the moment so I should really be doing that… this has made my weekend!