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Finally got round to setting up my new blog called Oh Lovely Things . All about design inspirations, music I heart at the moment, photography, You Tube stuff etc. pretty much get the gist of it. I was also undecided whether to keep it separate from this one but I figured that I’ll give Blogger ago just to see what it’s like . Some of the features are quite neat too especially the newsletter gadget (not going to add it but still cool.) Although when I find the time might customise the HTML a bit as I take it this is the standard blog template EVERYONE  uses. Oh yeah, all the Blogger templates are pretty rubbish….. what’s that all about?????

Anyway  as long as I remember to update it and not forget about it should be okay 🙂 In other news my new website it sort of finished now, I want it up and running now!! It’s been ignored for quite some time however probably tonight it’ll be up…. wait and see.

Hmmm might change the banner again…………….

As you may know I have been pretty slow on adding all my other mates’ blogs, they’re all with Blogger and I’m the odd one out on WordPress…..! Please follow the links below as they are all talented illustrators and it’s worth looking at all their hard work!

Finally, unfortunately I didn’t get accepted for the Cockpits Arts funding for businesses and studio spaces. I got the phone call yesterday and I was well peed off. Oh well need to look into other ways of funding and such. Damn.