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Hello all! I hope you’re all having a super weekend! Poor Mario has been pooing and vomiting for a few days, but it seems like he’s getting so fingers crossed that he recovers soon. I’m not sure why he’s been vomiting as normally it’s the odd hair ball here and there. This time though we think he’s eaten something rotten when he’s been out and now whenever he eats he throws it back up. Today he looks like his usual self although it’s hard to tell as 90% of the time he’s lying around sleeping!

This evening I’ve spent some time developing work from my sketches. I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out as well as I normally don’t focus much on type and image together, so it’s been really refreshing to do work which is slightly out of my comfort zone.

I particularly like the one above; it just summarises how I’m feeling right now. I’m sure that everyone goes through it: that feeling of impending doom of what you’re going to do career-wise. And it’s pretty stressful as it makes you really freak out about who you are and your identity. Lately it’s been playing on my mind and the more I obsess over it the more I become so super focused about it everything else becomes oblivious. However, I also feel that we as individuals carve out our own paths and lives. In this vast and crazy universe we cross paths with people who will teach us how to be better human beings, guide us to gain more knowledge about an interest, share and exchange knowledge for our own benefits. Somehow we’re all connected to one another like the stars. I believe that I’m in control of my own life and what I want to do I should just do it. You make your own luck is my mantra at the moment.

I need to constantly remember to be kinder to myself and not be so harsh. I feel like this post was an explosion of thoughts that’s been running through my head over the past couple of months. It’s really good to use art as an outlet for this too: get my thoughts together, draw and write them down, come back and revisit it at a later date. Then make a final piece about it is what I’ve been doing lately and I’ll definitely continue to use this process as it’s working well for me.

Thanks so much for reading this and I’d love any feedback about my work!

Apologies for the lack of updates as I’ve been quite busy at work and I’ve not had the time to make any new artwork. So I’ve spent most of this weekend drawing, drawing and drawing- just spending as much time as I can with my Faber-Castell pens and my sketchbook. And you know what? It’s been great. I love just doodling and not even think about it or over-complicate it if that makes sense?

So the illustrations in this post has a lot to do with social anxiety/ anxiety in general. I know I have anxiety, or at least some form of social anxiety (no formal diagnosis as of yet), and when I was thinking about the quotes to coincide with the illustrations they really related to me. I started writing down some short phrases in my sketchbook and it sort of turned into a mini series (see below), which I like as they are.

I’m going to continue with the series and see where it goes- it’s almost therapeutic just to draw these thoughts down.

I’ll keep you all posted with some more new sketches. For now, have a super weekend!