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Hello all!

Yes I’m back, got here early this morning at about 6am. Feeling mega sluggish and jet lagged so this is going to be speedy….

Just a quick post, click above to see my shop for this month’s exhibition at paper n stitch 😉 See here as I’m featured on Aqua Velvet blog amongst other artists as part of being with the exhibiton. Yippeee! My shop is open as usual so come check it out.

I also submitted my answer for Pikaland’s Good to Know Project, read all the answers here is worth it too!

I have more things to say but will leave it until tomorrow. x

Republic Bike | Shop | track bikes, fixed gear bicycles, fixies built by us and you.

I am in love with fixed gear bikes, I swear if A. I had the money to buy a new bike I’d definitely pimp it up. Spend the rest of my student loan yes please!  B. If I could ride one it would help as well. C. Because I’d be a cool kid 🙂 D. get Sam to do it up for me cos I’m a lazy arse. I’m a sucker for anything bright and fun looking. Sticking with my singlespeed bike for now I need brakes  *_*

I found this online shop Republic selling singlespeed, track bikes and fixed gear bikes, customise to your hearts content and accessories plus the gallery has loads of pastely and colourful bikes. Yes I want one! Time to get my bike from home now it’s the perfect weather to cycle around London. Fuck the London Transport, sweaty trains are bad now that it’s the summer!!!!! Okay I am going to Primrose Hill it’s so beautiful outside.