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Hello everyone! It’s been while since I’ve updated the blog… roughly two months to be exact since the last post. This post was supposed to be about Christmas gift ideas but somehow it’s turned into another one of my musings, which TBH I can’t stop thinking about. A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a friend about blogs and the gist of the conversation was that blogs these days have become redundant (no thanks to Instagram). I don’t know though, I don’t agree with the fact that blogs have become obsolete. Gone forever in that sense. Perhaps maybe blogs no longer serve a purpose especially with the number of different social media that’s currently on offer. I will throw it out there though; does anyone still have a blog and if so how often are you writing/updating it?

What I love about blogs is that you get an insight into someone’s personal life and way of thinking which I don’t believe other social media platforms can compete with. The thought processes are there; written out for all to read. I also think that when someone has put the time and effort in writing up a post, there’s definitely more value and attention to it than simply doom-scrolling through Instagram. The fact that with Instagram it’s such a fast paced platform, disposable is a better way of putting it, I feel like your work gets completely lost in Instagram’s algorithm. I hate the immediate gratification that comes with it too- you constantly have to keep up with it by updating your profile all the time. For me, it gets to the tipping point where I feel what you’re posting is no longer relevant. It’s outdated. That moment has now past so it’s like an endless cycle. Whereas a blog post, there’s longevity in a written format.

When I started out way back then (I’m talking about university, so yes, a long time ago) I was using Flickr to promote my work (which I no longer have) and a WordPress blog (free of course). That WordPress site is still floating around and I dip into it now and again just for old times sakes/nostalgia. It’s like looking back at photos of yourself- the younger me finding my way through the art world and figuring out why it’s important to save all images for web and not have a massive high res JPEG in CMYK format🤣😂🤣. Those early 2000’s of Blogspot, TypePad (remember that?!), they no longer exist because of the way people consume media. I was always super excited when someone used to link my profile up to their blog- your low res 50 x 50 image profile would be at the side bar for all to click on.

If you’re reading this, then great! If I’m writing this and no one is reading it- so what I suppose? The blog post is a time marker for what was going on in my life and what I was feeling.

I’m going to end this here on that note. BTW, if you do have a blog please feel free to post a link in the comments section!