Etsy Update: Postcards Galore!

Happy, happy Sunday and Chinese New Year everyone! Hope you’re week has been an absolute blast. My folks came down on Friday to visit us so we’ve spent the past two days eating loads of delicious food! We went out last night for some Chinese food to celebrate CNY; it was absolutely jam packed at the restaurant but great to see loads of people having a really good time. I’ve been on an Etsy mission lately and I’ve been designing load of new stuff in time for spring; I defo... Read The Rest →

My postcards have arrived

Wow, my postcards for my exhibition have finally arrived today! I ordered them from Student Art Card ( and happy but the info at the back is way too near the edge. I don’t know if it’s my fault or if they didn’t correct it…. well nice quality and everything though. When I was in work today (Gia London) Najia said she knows the Vault 49 people, they went to the same uni and everything!!! Like wooooaah!!!!

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