New Illustrations: Anxiety

Apologies for the lack of updates as I’ve been quite busy at work and I’ve not had the time to make any new artwork. So I’ve spent most of this weekend drawing, drawing and drawing- just spending as much time as I can with my Faber-Castell pens and my sketchbook. And you know what? It’s been great. I love just doodling and not even think about it or over-complicate it if that makes sense? So the illustrations in this post has a lot to do with social anxiety/ anxiety in... Read The Rest →

Sketches of Flowers

  I don’t get the time to do any personal work, due to my full-time job, so it’s been pretty sweet to spend a bit of time developing some ideas. I’ve spent the afternoon doing some sketches based on an open garden tour I went on a couple of weeks ago (I’ll blog about it soon!) I’ve been experimenting with mark-making by applying different pens and colour pencils over each other. I think I need to draw more still life objects in order to expand my portfolio i.e. I can... Read The Rest →

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