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Very very very happy when I saw this in my inbox… Jars of Cute is a very cute (it is!) blog about design and craft. I had my products featured in it, the theme was well birds of course! Click away here to see the post.

Anyhooo, I’ll be taking part in a squat night! Olja Levistova came over to London from Estonia and contacted me if I was interested in participating, hell yes! Here is her website Artkitchen (what a fun name!) with details of other events around London. More details.

Location: rampART
15 -17 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA (near Whitechapel, off Commercial Rd)

Anyway I was looking forward to a night bike ride with Sam (after having pizza and chips for dinner hahaha) when the inner tube started to leak and my wheel went down and dooooown. Need to buy a new one tomorrow. Never mind sleep tight! x


Hello all!

Yes I’m back, got here early this morning at about 6am. Feeling mega sluggish and jet lagged so this is going to be speedy….

Just a quick post, click above to see my shop for this month’s exhibition at paper n stitch 😉 See here as I’m featured on Aqua Velvet blog amongst other artists as part of being with the exhibiton. Yippeee! My shop is open as usual so come check it out.

I also submitted my answer for Pikaland’s Good to Know Project, read all the answers here is worth it too!

I have more things to say but will leave it until tomorrow. x

Hey all,

The sunshine is coming out and I’ve been enjoying the free time thinking and researching what other stuff I will be selling on my stall i August. I have come across the Gocco yet again and I am planning on buying one (might as well spend the rest of my student loan.) This guide I found on Zakka Zakka blog compares all the Gocco printers which is very useful and extremely handy. I was pretty confused on which one to buy and I think I might buy the PG 10 which ever one is cheapish. I have so many things I want to do with my Gocco printer (well I can dream about it.)

So I will purchase one and will blog about it when it arrives!