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I was working late last night finishing off my cover for BOOOOOOOM! which can be seen here along with other participants. They’ve got loads of random projects going on so it’s worth checking it out 🙂

As for the image it reminds me of Guy Debord’s book called Society of the Spectacle (should read it.) Look very closely on the bottom corner it says ‘Super Duper Pills.’ Also I added random things like cat head lady and chinese cut out man, I was trying to make it really trippy….

Thought I should share this link with you all!

I’ve just found this really interesting blog called You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice and it’s worth reading it, something we should all be thinking about and being aware of it when creating work.

The blogs about plagiarism, rip offs, copy cats, copyrights etc. within contemporary design, fashion, t-shirt graphics, adverts…..whether you call it ‘inspiration’ well you name it really. It’s still pretty bad doing it and extremely cheeky too!

There’s also some tips on how to copy right images when you’re uploading stuff and your rights. If you’re like me I’m pretty clueless in this area, aarh! Enjoy.