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My head is absolutely spinning around, first of all it’s nearly 2 in the morning and i’m in need of caffine. I managed to completely mess up my tumblr page and it took me bloofy ages to bloody fix it (no css geek…) in the process of it I managed to install cornify on my tumblr page along with other cool widget things, check out my tumblr blog for the cornify button, press away to your hearts content! It  made me happy.


So I  have now signed up with tumblr because I need to link my blog with my website and I’ve heard that it’s the easiest one to use in terms of blogging, well I need an easy one haha. OKay so now i need to figure out HOW TO DO IT. erm…

if i new more about css stuff I’d make it well flashy. looks too plain at the moment.

me thinks it should have more simple options you can use, for someone like me… was this a good idea. i already don’t like the mahoosive text how the heck do i change that?! what’s with the date thing at the side?! I want a nice pretty boarder. i need someone to hold my hand and do this bizzle.

will see xxx