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We went to Amersham Arms Jumble Sale at New Cross and i found some cool things plus I had a yummy chocolate cup cake which I was supposed to give up for lent but managed to forget it, oh well I’ll have to extend it for another day or so……. I bumped into Leona from Lady Luck Rules (I did a placement there last year) and it was so nice to see her again! Oooo I  like cheap things and yes had to restrain myself from buying everything, will be there again next month. I want to find more jumble sales or bric a brac car boot sales….erm…does anybody know any places around London???? Then went to an amazing warehouse/cheap outlet type shop at Canada Water. Reminds me of being back at home and Yes bought even more tacky things.

All in all it was a good day filled with pretty, plastic and tasteless stuff.

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I love Deptford Market, i went there today and there’s so much random and old junk which I like! i was a bit worried that I was going to miss out as I managed to set off late as usual but was there for a while rummaging around so many lovely things.

I picked up some vintage envelopes (really cheap) and spent ages looking through the boxes, a dress for a quid (niiice) and a little hold all bag full of hair, I must have spent so little as well! i was trying to hunt down some old letters, postcards and photos but they sold out apparently, never mind will be there soon. Although it’s a bit sad going through soemones diary and notebooks from the 1950’s…

…not forgetting the weird shop signs of course.