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I love Deptford Market, i went there today and there’s so much random and old junk which I like! i was a bit worried that I was going to miss out as I managed to set off late as usual but was there for a while rummaging around so many lovely things.

I picked up some vintage envelopes (really cheap) and spent ages looking through the boxes, a dress for a quid (niiice) and a little hold all bag full of hair, I must have spent so little as well! i was trying to hunt down some old letters, postcards and photos but they sold out apparently, never mind will be there soon. Although it’s a bit sad going through soemones diary and notebooks from the 1950’s…

…not forgetting the weird shop signs of course.



Ooooo my website it almost finished for next week (deadline is Friday.) I’ve been working on a 12/13″ (I can never remember…) Macbook G4 proper old school and it’s slowly starting to annoy me because the screen is toooo small! Not really that good for doing my work. The reason behind it is my laptop, which is a Powerbook G4 17″, kinda went a bit crazy the screen started to play up loose connection with the monitor (people you have been WARNED!!)

Sigh sigh SIGH.