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I’ve been practising with my Pentax mx camera (i mean sam’s dad. He kindly let me borrow it *_*.)  The first time round went a bit rubbish cos I opened it up to take the film out when I was outside (IDIOT!) now i kinda know what I’m doing since I’ve had some advice etc…however i love the vintage/old look of them. I went a bit over board on the focus thing so some of them turned out really really blurry! Getting there just need more practice. Okay so the next step is to use the pancake (right..?) lenses I love that name I think it’s called that if anybody wants to correct me 🙂 and to be a bit more focused most of the time I was faffing around trying to be arty.

Definitely beats a digital camera. Anyway I can’t afford to spend £200 replacing the LCD screen on my camera, bum.


Ooooo my website it almost finished for next week (deadline is Friday.) I’ve been working on a 12/13″ (I can never remember…) Macbook G4 proper old school and it’s slowly starting to annoy me because the screen is toooo small! Not really that good for doing my work. The reason behind it is my laptop, which is a Powerbook G4 17″, kinda went a bit crazy the screen started to play up loose connection with the monitor (people you have been WARNED!!)

Sigh sigh SIGH.