Wedding Planning and Ideas: Part 3

Hello folks! How’s your week been? The sunshine has been absolutely glorious, hasn’t it? I’ve been hanging outside for as long as possible these days and the fact that it doesn’t get dark until later in the evenings, well, it’s fantastic!   I spent the half-term designing the wedding invites and I’m so happy with them! I showed Sam them the other evening and he’s over the moon. Unfortunately, I can’t reveal anything as it would be a bit of a bummer to post it here waaaaay before any friends... Read The Rest →

Wedding Planning and Ideas Pt 2.

I had some lovely feedback from my previous post about our wedding ideas. I sound like a right Bridezilla- don’t I?! As much as I love Pinterest, once you spiral down that Pinterest hole there’s no coming back. Literally, spending hours looking at lovely images is easily done! So I thought I would start off with the theme for the wedding which is simply: party. Party, party, party. I think if Sam could have it any other way it would be like a 24 hour rave like Tresor. No, I’m... Read The Rest →

Wedding Planning and Ideas: Part 1.

So Sam and I sat down on Saturday and we managed to write down a very long list of what we needed to do… yes, cracking that whip and wedding planning has started- again! We’ve been stopping and starting over the past couple of years but we’ve decided that next year will be the big day. I’m super excited as well! I already decided a long time ago that I wasn’t going to have a ‘traditional’ wedding dress. I’m going to look for a gown instead as I haven’t seen... Read The Rest →

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