July 2010

I’ve been a bit busy lately so not had much time to blog. This is an illustration for Haus Stories a project set up by the lovely Sandra Deickmann. I really enjoyed this as a lot of the elements are from my own photos and collections of ceramic animals. And it’s more of a personal insight too, I love kitsch objects, bright coloured shoes and tiny dogs of course. I wanted it to be surreal/ dreamy as I do actually day dream alot haha

I hope Sandra likes it 🙂

Oh I wish the summer would last, like, forever. This is the only time when I actually enjoy being in England, then the rest of the time I’m moaning about the weather being too cold, too much rain and so on!

An update about our housing situation: the ceiling in my studio is starting to fall off. Yes I’m not joking. Just recently the ceiling is starting to dip and loads of dust is starting to fall onto my iMac. The funniest thing is that he has wallpaper edthe ceiling and with his crap DIY skills plastered the ceiling so badly it’s starting to crumble. So the builder is coming round this afternoon to sort it out. Meaning I’ve spent most of last night and this morning clearing out my rubbish and moving everything into the living room and kitchen…. *sigh*  Anybody has a landlord from hell story to share feel free. I have great sympathy for people who are in my situation, my landlord is constantly angry whenever we want something fixed and obviously the flat isn’t in the best condition to rent out because the walls and ceilings are starting to crack.

Enough about that! (Makes me ANGRY thinking about it.)

I have a new blog which you can follow over at Blogspot/Blogger/whatever as I’ve decided to keep my artwork and shop separate.

Hope you all have a better afternoon than me 🙁

Woohoo! Gia-London website is now officially online! After almost a year’s worth of work I have to say I’m so happy to see it up. We had a little party/ sample sale to celebrate see here for the photos.

At the very start of the project Najia the creative director was happy to let me do what I thought was an interpretation of the Gia world, something nostalgic, playful and fresh. After lots of prep work and so on I used these elements and created the web pages and desktop backgrounds, icons, the Gia Birds well everything.

This experience has been throughly amazing and extremely worth while, partly because I started this project when I was doing my major project. At the time when I told one of my tutors they were like, “Er don’t do it because you only have one chance to do your major project.” Hmm well frankly  I DISAGREE with this and I did it anyway. Surely the whole point of being in uni is to do as many things as possible, to gain as much experience as you can before you graduate. it kinda just shows in your portfolio you haven’t been doing uni work but things outside.  I’m not going to go on a tangent but you should really take advantage of your time at uni and explore as much stuff as you can. And now I’m in a position where I would LOVE to do some work experience but can’t really to afford to work for free.

Do what YOU think it’s best in your personal interest and DON’T let your tutors dictate what you should and shouldn’t do because like I said experience is really going to get you somewhere especially now that it’s pretty tough.

I’m now the freelance graphic designer and illustrator so designing e-mail banners and newsletters, packaging, backgrounds…. fun fun fun! I want to do more things like this, never really considered being a digital designer but now I am!

My Owl and Shapes illustration is featured in the first print edition of Cut-Click zine. You can buy it here. Woo hooo! This issue features Tigz (front and back cover) along with Simon Wild, Lesley Barnes and loads more amazingness.

I have not had much time to blog as I’ve currently been updating my Etsy shop….. yes giving this another go………. plus some other exciting things which I will mention in the future kinda don’t want to jinx it haha.

Hope you all have a great week! And what’s happened to the weather anyway??!!

This Sunday I was busy printing out stuff and basically getting ready to send out some goodies to The Spider and the Fly pop up Gallery in Edinburgh. The temporary gallery is organised by Magpie who are a bunch of creatives promoting independent artists and designers and host their own art and craft events.

You can follow them on their Facebook page for more information and updates.

Have a lovely week and hope you all enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!