On Monday we spent a rather sunny afternoon hanging around Little Venice for the yearly Canalway Cavalcade festival. There were so many canalboats beautifully decorated; some with buntings others with ornaments and flowerpots on the rooftops- like a miniature floating garden. There were lot’s of arts and craft markets and food stalls, so we spent some time meandering around looking for a bargain and free samples!

Afterwards, we walked along the canal back to Mornington Crescent; I think it took less than 45 minutes from Warwick Avenue. Along the canal, you also walk past London Zoo, which is a bonus because you can see the aviary section! It was a perfect way to end a lovely day.

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Canal Boats


I’ve been meaning to go to Stour Space for ages so yesterday we went there on the motorbike. I’m not exactly familiar with the area and we got lost a few times on the motorbike! It was a bit of a mini adventure going endlessly round and round the area!

I didn’t realise Stour Space was a converted warehouse and so I was pretty amazed by it. There was High Roller Society’s ‘Roll Over Play Dead’ exhibition on the ground floor and I assume the studio spaces were on the top floor as well as the ground floor.

The Stour Space

The Stour Space

The Stour Space The Stour Space

Awesome Graffiti

Afterwards, we went to the Carlton Cafe and we sat outside overlooking the canal and the Olympic Stadium. It was pretty sweet to see street painter Malarky’s work embezzled all over the Carlton’s walls.

Awesome Graffiti

And then we went straight to Westfields for a few hours… All in all it was a rather lovely afternoon!

Flat White Carrot and courgette cake Bird


This afternoon I went to Local Blend, a lovely cafe on Green Lanes (Harringay area). If you’re not familiar with Green Lanes basically it’s a massive road that has loads and loads of amazing Turkish restaurants, late night newsagents and random wedding dress shops.

I wandered down Green Lanes yesterday towards Wood Green and I happened to walk by Local Blend. Being a massive coffee addict I had to check it out before I moved out. It’s a really nice open space; air con in this weather is a bonus! I ordered a flat white and a carrot and courgette cake and I have to say the cake was so tasty.

I’ll definitely be back for another cake!

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For the past 7 months I’ve been working as a nursery SEN assistant at Berger Primary School in Homerton. Yesterday was my last day and I was *almost* an emotional wreck. I didn’t expect to get a hand made card from the children as well as flowers and a thank you card from the nursery teachers. There were quite a lot of staff leaving as well so we had a party when school was over (of course!)

The past few months have whizzed by so quickly. It’s been quite stressful at times but in a good way! I’ve really enjoyed my time as a SEN assistant and I do recommend it if you’re planning on becoming a teacher or getting into SEN work because it’s extremely rewarding.

Now that I’ve finished my full-time job I’m going to focus on illustration before I leave london/ England… and then the craziness begins!



Yesterday we were wondering around East London because it was the Open House London event. I had no idea there were so many beautiful buildings; it just goes to show I don’t truly appreciate what’s on offer in London. After visiting the Hoxton Hall (again, a wonderful building full of character) we headed to F Cooke,- a proper pie and mash shop. It’s like being in the 80’s or something and the decor is amazing; I love the long tables and benches too. I had pie and mash with parsley sauce and it was proper tasty! It’s not fussy food- just nice and simple.

I’d defiantly recommend going there if you want a bit of nostalgia and eat traditional English food. All in all, a pretty good day indeed!