I’m SO happy with my new tattoo!! Yesterday I went to Nine Tails Tattoo to get it done and I’m dead chuffed about it; it was better than I expected in terms of the quality.  I got it all done in one sitting and I spent about three hours lying on my back…. I have a sore arm and back! Now I have to clean it and moisturise it every day for the next two weeks. Apparently the tattoo will get slightly itchy and I’ve been warned not too pick at it.

Thanks guys for the awesome tattoo- I’ll be back again for sure!


I was proper chuffed to be part of Hellohead’s live portrait event on Wednesday 22nd at Cargo, Shoreditch. The event was to raise money for The National Autistic Society– a very good cause indeed. I work with children with autism so it was something which was quite personal to me, hence why I volunteered!

To be honest with you, I was bricking it as I’ve never done anything like this before. I normally draw animals and birds with rosy cheeks so this was out of my comfort zone. It was nerve racking at first, however, after the first portrait I was on a roll and there was even a small number of people waiting for me to draw them! It was really good experience to do quick doodles as I usually spend quite a lot of time on the computer.

I was too busy drawing, drinking and yapping away (ha!) so these are the only photos I took! You can see more photos of the night over at Hellohead’s Facebook Page. 


Massive apologies for the delay in the write up of The Picture Show Private View, which was at The Coningsby Gallery. I’ve been really busy at work but  now I have two weeks off for the company shut down; I’ll be chilling out and doing some more illustration work. (So not exactly resting.)

Anyway, to round up The Picture Show Private View. The Private View went really, really well! The gallery was pretty much filled up throughout the night and plenty of drinks constantly flowing, like, non stop from Barefoot Wines! That night, lots of friends and families turned up to show their support. It was nice to see Emma Block and the Ballad Of ladies, Lindsey and Claire. Our tutors from our illustration course were there on the night. They were clearly very happy to see us and chuffed that we’ve all remained very good friends after graduating about three years ago.

Big thanks to Mags Potter Photography and Vinesh for taking photos during the PV night.

It’s so crazy that the seven months of planning went by so fast! We were all working really hard getting everything together and the amount of work that goes into organising an exhibition takes a lot of time.

Just after the exhibition, I had an interview for a CELTA course and I got on to it! My plan is to do the CELTA course and then swan off to Hong Kong for a while. I’ve said it for years that I’ve always wanted to go travelling and things are now starting to slowly come together. I’ll continue to do illustration on the side but I don’t want to rush into freelancing straight away. I’d rather wait until it picks up and then go with it. But for now, I want to be somewhere nice and hot!