Last night Sam and I went along to Open Doors Private View Exhibition.We were, like, two hours late but our friends were nice enough to wait for us! Oh dear. Anyway our friend Fuad was exhibiting so it was great to see his work along with other super talented artists. Open Doors is a pop-up exhibition based on London boroughs, the current exhibition was based on W12 (yeah the Bush!) I didn’t expect it to be in someones house but I loved it because it felt very cosy and informal.

What I liked about Open Doors is that there’s a sense of community ethos. To see artists getting together and supporting the community, promoting the area, and seeing each artists interpretation of W12 there should be more things like this going on.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos because we were pretty late and by that time we said our hi’s and bye’s for the night! But Fuad took loads of photos so you can check them out via his Facebook Fan page here.  Open Doors are on Twitter so make sure to follow them for the lastest news and updates about future events. If they ever pop round to the N4 area well I’m there for sure!

I have another exhibition review to write up but I need a cup of tea now. Have a lovely Saturday peeps!

Some rather exciting news folks. Jacqueline Shaw contacted me a few months ago about a rather exciting fashion illustration project. The project was to illustrate a few designers for a new fashion book called Africa Fashion Guide which she’s going to publish as part of her MA course. The aim of the book is to promote ethical designers  and to show that the fashion industry can work in a sustainable way.

I produced a few illustrations and all will be revealed once the book is out (don’t want to spoil it for everyone!) There’s also a launch party to celebrate the book and there are also talks as well going on through the night. The launch party is on Friday 9th September and for more information check out this link for deets. And Natsuki Otani‘s beautiful illustration graces the flyer.



This morning I received a Puma top and a thank you note from Jacqueline. To my surprise the Puma top is a sample making it extra special.




Anyway I’m looking forward to Friday, it’s time to party!

You can follow Jacqueline on Twitter  and she also has a blog which is




I can now reveal the illustration I did for Flamingo Magazine.… and here it is! It was for an article about the American artist Gordon Matta-Clark . To be fair I didn’t know who Matta- Clark was (yes my bad!) but I love doing editorial pieces because you get to do your own research into the subject matter and generate your own opinions and thoughts.

After reading about him I decided to do a self portrait of him and add lots of geometric and abstract shapes to mimic his enormous sculptures which often comprised of cut out walls and houses. These were often left in a raw state. Cutting through walls, leaving diagonal and horizontal shaped exteriors for the viewer to see the inside layers, this is what I wanted to show through the image. Matta- Clark would create these dramatic pieces of work which he often took man made structures, houses for instance, and completely changed their architectural function into art.

To read more about Matta-Clark check out this article about him.


You can also by an A3 Giclee Print via Flamingo Magazine’s shop. Nice.




Ooops. Sorry for the blip in updates. I started my new job about a week ago which is from Monday to Friday, still not used to getting up and going to work every day!

Anyway I’m happy to announce that I’m part of FLAMINGO Magazines very first Arts Project! I’ll be exhibiting a piece of work I submitted for the latest issue. So come along to the private view on the 25th August at Betty’s Coffee Shop down at Kingsland Road. For more details about the private view check out the Facebook Event and sign yourselves up for it. If you can’t make it down then no worries because it’ll be running from 26th August – 17th September.