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Some rather exciting news folks. Jacqueline Shaw contacted me a few months ago about a rather exciting fashion illustration project. The project was to illustrate a few designers for a new fashion book called Africa Fashion Guide which she’s going to publish as part of her MA course. The aim of the book is to promote ethical designers  and to show that the fashion industry can work in a sustainable way.

I produced a few illustrations and all will be revealed once the book is out (don’t want to spoil it for everyone!) There’s also a launch party to celebrate the book and there are also talks as well going on through the night. The launch party is on Friday 9th September and for more information check out this link for deets. And Natsuki Otani‘s beautiful illustration graces the flyer.



This morning I received a Puma top and a thank you note from Jacqueline. To my surprise the Puma top is a sample making it extra special.




Anyway I’m looking forward to Friday, it’s time to party!

You can follow Jacqueline on Twitter  and she also has a blog which is



Half a girl

Half a girl

Hooray for cupcakes!

This is what I’ve been up to today, see The Rip Rip group on Flickr for the project anyone can submit! Simply get a copy of an image,s plit it in half and draw the other half of it! I love doing stuff like this and kind of miss it too. Although the style of the image is very different to what I usually do. Notice me colouring out of the lines and going mad with the Brush tool! 🙂

Apart from that I am in LOVE with Sims 3 and i have to say I am addicted to it. I can spend all my time looking after my Sim family. Haha.