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Blog, meh

Blog, meh

Westminster Illustration.

Wooppeee this is our new Blog for our Illustration course, oh yes indeedy please keep up to date with what we’re all doing now and after uni!! It’s empty at the moment because we’re all freaking out about our show, but it will be filled with lovely work from everyone!

And why not check out P3 here where we’re going to be having our exhibition. It’s a huuuge space.

Oh joy x o


Should I be saying this, I am pretty drunk right now after a day of drinking (celebrating my friend’s birthday.) My student uni bar is sooo rubbish but who cares when drinks are cheapish for london prices anyways (see I’m from Doncaster which is a ‘lovely’ town in South Yorkshire.) I’m a student so yea.

Not only am I happy, I’m VERY happy my interview is on notpaper.com blog, yes read iiiiit! And i’m starting a new project as well, work experience I mean.

Wow things are on a roll now.

God I’m rambling